Yoko Ono

Avant-garde artist, musician, and activist, Yoko Ono grew up in Tokyo and moved to the U.S. during World War II.  Her first name means “ocean child” in Japanese.  She and John Lennon first met in London in 1966, and were married on March 20, 1969.  For their honeymoon the couple flew to Amsterdam to protest the Vietnam War and to promote world peace.  Soon after, they went to Montreal to record the famous protest song, “Give Peace a Chance.”  John and Yoko had a son together, Sean Tara Ono Lennon, who is also a musician, and with whom Yoko still collaborates.  She’s done a lot of amazing work over the years, both musically and artistically, in service of causes like peace, love, and freedom.  Thanks, Yoko.

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