Fits of Tranquility (review)

Reviewed by Karen Jones

Fits of Tranquility is a collection of Christian, inspirational and romantic poetry from the American poet, Robert Lampros.  I always read collections with a vague feeling of unease as some collections I have read even though they were published by internationally recognised poets tend to be quite repetitive in terms of structure, style and content.   Therefore I was extremely relieved to find Fits of Tranquility contained a variety of poetry styles and structures which made this collection immediately more appealing to the poetry connoisseur.  Lampros’ poetry contains a sensitivity and emotional eloquence which flows gently through his work.  I particularly enjoyed ‘Binaries’ because of its beautiful imagery.

‘I looked up

at the sky one night,

maybe last September, and saw two

of every star.  They weren’t

spinning and dancing like binaries,

but only resting there,

one slightly

above the other, as if…’

There is something for most poetry readers hidden within the covers of this collection.  There are  several understated Christian/Inspirational based poems such as ‘Storms,’ ‘Building Character’ and ‘Peace’ which offer soothing thoughts and  could provide comfort for people undergoing personal struggles.  I particularly liked the thought,

‘Bruises become wings.’ from the poem ‘Invisible Arms.’

The romantics out there will enjoy the sensitive love poetry littered throughout this collection.

Fits of Tranquility is a superior collection of poetry and I recommend it to those readers who want to read beautiful, family safe poetry.

Fits of Tranquility can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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