Places and Times (book review)

Places and Times, by Arthur Turfa, is a beautiful book, descriptive and revelatory as the poems take us along on travels and adventures in Europe and America.  Walt Whitman and Robert Frost came to mind as I read, although the author’s style is unique, expressing at once wisdom, nostalgia, reverence, and humor.  An authentic and inspiring read, I highly recommend this collection.

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Author Bio:  About half of my life has been spent in various parts of Pennsylvania.  Most of the rest has been spent in New Mexico, California, Virginia, South Carolina, and Germany.  My career path has been bivocational; I am a Lutheran pastor and Army chaplain (Retired Reservist with veteran status) and educator on secondary and post-secondary levels.  I wrote a lot of poetry when younger, then I took a 20-year break, and resumed around 2002.  eLectio Publishing released my first book of poetry, Places and Times, in April 2015.  Currently I live in the Midlands of South Carolina with or near my family.

Book Details:
Paperback:  64 pages
Publisher:  eLectio Publishing (April 7, 2015)
Language:  English
ISBN-10:  1632130963
ISBN-13:  978-1632130969

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