Saint Xenia of St. Petersburg

Bio from The Great Horologion, Orthodox prayer book:

“Our righteous Mother Xenia of Petersburg was born about the year 1730.  She was married to a Colonel named Andrew.  When she was twenty-six years old, her husband died suddenly, having been drinking with his friends.  Left a childless widow, Xenia gave away all that she had, and vanished from Saint Petersburg for eight years.  It is believed that she spent this time in a hermitage, learning the spiritual life.  When she returned to Saint Petersburg, she wore her husband’s military clothing, and would answer only to the name Andrew, that is, the name of her husband.  She took up the life of a homeless wanderer, and was abused by many as insane.  She bore this with great patience, crucifying the carnal mind through the mockery she endured, and praying for her husband’s soul.  She was given great gifts of prayer and prophecy, and often foretold things to come.  In 1796 she foretold the death of Empress Catherine II.  Having lived forty-five years after her husband’s death, she reposed in peace at the age of seventy-one, about the year 1800.  Her grave became such a source of miracles, and so many came to take soil from it as a blessing, that it was often necessary to replace the soil.  When a stone slab was placed over her grave, this too disappeared over time, piece by piece.  Saint Xenia is especially invoked for help in finding employment, lodging, or a spouse.”


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