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Afternoon Book Reviews

Comments from reviewers on Goodreads:

Afternoon is a year in the life of a teenager named Andrew.  He has been having a tough time in life lately and then one day he almost drowns.  While all this is going on, he has a visit from God.  God gives him a second chance and he takes it…This visit from God has truly changed his life and instead of fearing life he starts to embrace it.”  – Susan

“I enjoyed reading this book.  I liked the variety of characters in it.  It would make a good TV movie.”  – Darren

“This is a perfect book for young Christian teens, or those that feel lost.  The book provides a message of second chances, which we all need from time to time!”  – Jake

“This was a pleasant short book!  I can’t wait to hear what Jane’s answer is going to be!”  – Rebekah

“I enjoyed this reading.  Believe it would help a lot of young people through troubled times of life and help them discover who they are, where they’re going.  Good Read!”  – Lynn

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