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Fits of Tranquility reviews

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“A great sense of connection with human nature and the human condition which I found refreshing…  A delightful read.  5 stars.”  – Lauren, LivingABookLife.com

“This book made me feel overwhelmingly good.  As a religious person myself, I felt like there were some lines that really resonated with me.  Even if you’re not religious, a lot of the poems deal with nature and the spiritual experiences that being outside can bring…  I definitely recommend.”  – Ashley, What’s She Reading?

“Each poem offers the reader something to reflect on that will lead to other meditative thoughts.  If you enjoy poetry, you will enjoy Fits of Tranquility.”  – Terry Delaney, Christian Book Notes

“Containing over 20 unique poems and short stories, this book ranges in topic from inspiring images of nature to thought-provoking stories filled with charming dialogue and everything in between…  I would recommend giving Fits of Tranquility a try.”  – Prairie Sky Book Reviews

“Ideas of hope, healing, joy, and faith mirrored in poems about family, lightening, life, and wilderness, the second part is comprised of prose about falling in love…  A book for avid poetry readers.”  – Jen Pen, Savurbks.com

“I enjoyed many things about this book, foremost is the author’s tone.  It is understated, but capable of conveying some deep thoughts quite effectively…  There is a religious perspective in this book, expressed with artistry, understatement, that avoids sentimentality.”  – Arthur Turfa, author of Places and Times

“One of my favorites is ‘Family,’ it describes the value in a heartfelt and touching way.  I also really liked ‘Invisible Arms,’ a vivid picture of how God protects us from physical and emotional harm.  I am a hopeless romantic so I appreciated the sweet moments described in the short stories.  I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading smooth thought provoking poetry.”  – Ivory M, Beautyful Word

Fits of Tranquility contains a variety of styles and structures which makes this collection immediately more appealing to the poetry connoisseur.  Lampros’s poetry contains a sensitivity and emotional eloquence which flows gently through his work…  Fits is a superior collection and I recommend it to those readers who want to read beautiful, family-safe poetry.”  – Karen Jones, The Poetry Bookshop


Afternoon Book Reviews

Comments from reviewers on Goodreads:

Afternoon is a year in the life of a teenager named Andrew.  He has been having a tough time in life lately and then one day he almost drowns.  While all this is going on, he has a visit from God.  God gives him a second chance and he takes it…This visit from God has truly changed his life and instead of fearing life he starts to embrace it.”  – Susan

“I enjoyed reading this book.  I liked the variety of characters in it.  It would make a good TV movie.”  – Darren

“This is a perfect book for young Christian teens, or those that feel lost.  The book provides a message of second chances, which we all need from time to time!”  – Jake

“This was a pleasant short book!  I can’t wait to hear what Jane’s answer is going to be!”  – Rebekah

“I enjoyed this reading.  Believe it would help a lot of young people through troubled times of life and help them discover who they are, where they’re going.  Good Read!”  – Lynn

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3 Great Books



The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline is the first book in a trilogy by the Christian author, Tabitha Caplinger.  The story follows Zoe as she discovers there’s more to life than the typical routine of school, friends, and family, and that she belongs to a line of ancient warriors destined to save the world from destruction.  Intriguing dialogue, suspenseful action sequences, and strong characterization make this an exceptional story and a fun and exciting read.  I recommend The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline for fans of young adult literature and for anyone who enjoys tales of supernatural adventure.

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Summary:  Zoe thought the loss of her parents would be the most difficult thing she’d ever have to endure.  When she began seeing things she couldn’t explain in her new home of Torchcreek, Virginia, she was sure the grief was driving her mad.  Instead Zoe discovers she is part of an ancient bloodline, one destined to prevent the powers of darkness from condemning the world.  But Zoe, the daughter of the three, isn’t just another descendant—she’s the key to humanity’s salvation.  In this first installment of the Christian fantasy trilogy, The Chronicle of the Three, Zoe Andrews learns that not all shadows are harmless interceptions of light.  Some are a more sinister darkness that wants to torment the soul.

Author Bio:  Tabitha Caplinger has been in student ministry for close to 15 years, and currently pastors at Faith Community Church in House Springs, Missouri, with her husband Brian.  They have two sassy daughters, Lila and Rory.  Student Ministry is core to who Tabitha is; she loves discipling others and helping them see themselves through Jesus’ eyes.  Her goal is for every young woman to be confident that, “she is loved more than she will ever know by someone who died to know her.”  When not working, Tabitha and her family like taking in a good movie or walking through the park.  She also admits to being a little obsessed with TV.

Book Details:
Paperback:  190 pages
Publisher:  Vox Dei (October 13, 2015)
Language:  English
ISBN-10:  1513703110
ISBN-13:  978-1513703114
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An outstanding work of dystopian fiction, The Future King: Logres centers around Gwenhwyfar, a high school student who seeks a right path as her world grows increasingly dangerous.  Set in mid-21st century England, Gwen and her friends must navigate a turbulent and mysterious political scene, oppressive school conditions, and the intricate landscape of their personal lives to survive and hopefully fulfill their destinies.  M.L. Mackworth-Praed creates a multi-layered and inventive story, based on the Arthurian legends, through concise and descriptive prose and a unique sensitivity to the elements of successful storytelling.  This is an amazing novel and a great literary achievement.
* some bad language, brief violence, and scenes of physical intimacy

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Summary:  Britain, 2052.  In a world of war, disease and hunger the UK stands alone as a beacon of prosperity under an all-powerful ruling party.  Life at new school Logres seems promising for fifteen-year-old Gwenhwyfar, and quickly she falls for the school’s handsome catch, Arthur.  When Arthur’s rival, Lancelot, returns after a suspension, her heart is soon divided.  Realising that behind the UK’s prosperity lies unspeakable cruelty, Gwenhwyfar sets off on a path to dismantle everything the government stands for.  Suspenseful, raw and awash in a dystopian setting, The Future King: Logres is a story of identity and discovery against this backdrop, the second coming of the Arthurian legends.

Author Bio:  I’m a prolific doodler, which over the years has translated into being an illustrator; a here-there artist who dabbles with embroidery, and a keen writer with a taste for fantasy, sci-fi and young adult fiction.  I just self-published my first novel, The Future King: Logres, an Arthurian second-coming set in dystopian 2052 Britain.  If you like YA Fantasy or are a lover of the Arthurian legends then check it out!

Book Details:
Paperback:  518 pages
Publisher:  CreateSpace; 1 edition (December 5, 2015)
Language:  English
ISBN:  1516827244
ISBN-13:  978-1516827244
* also available for Kindle and NOOK



The Last Magi: A Tale of Faith, by E.A. Sharpe, chronicles the journey of Artaban, the fictional “fourth Wise Man” to follow the star in search of the new born Christ.  This novel is joyous and engaging, a fast read while also inviting us on an epic adventure with plenty of humor, suspense, and awesome surprises along the way.  I recommend this book for readers of all ages who might appreciate a fun and unique perspective on the story of Christ’s Nativity.

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Summary:  A Christmas classic your children will read to their own.  “Wise, witty, profound and often poetic.  A tale for the ages.”  – Charles McClellan.  Now available as a quality paperback.  A compelling tale of faith, folly and the wisdom of the heart, The Last Magi is the story of Artaban, the fourth Wise Man.  Leaving behind his betrothed—the fiery and beautiful Rasha—he follows his fellow Magi to Bethlehem, there to crown “the child born to be king.”  But Artaban is too late; the infant and his family have gone.  Thus begins a quest that takes the Mage through the cities and wastes of Asia and Europe, through years of hardship and peril.  Mocked and impoverished, alone but for his sardonic servant, Ismail, Artaban doggedly persists, even as his body falters and his eyes dim.  Is it all for naught?  Told in ringing prose and rich with vibrant characters, The Last Magi is a gripping narrative of one man’s magnificent obsession, of love, danger, despair and redemption.  Here is a book to cherish, to read and reread.  Here is an old-fashioned fireside tale for children of every age.

Author Bio:  Ernest A. Sharpe is a professional writer living in Austin, Texas.  He has authored novels, screenplays and various forms of nonfiction for many years.

Book Details:
Paperback:  196 pages
Publisher:  Positive Imaging, LLC (December 2, 2015)
Language:  English
ISBN-10:  1944071024
ISBN-13:  978-1944071028
* also available on Kindle and NOOK


The Fulfillment (book review)

The Fulfillment is an imaginative, fast-paced read about a group of seemingly normal teens who discover they’re in a fight for the life of the world.  Vicki-Ann Bush’s prose is vivid and alive as she weaves a modern myth from the ancient truths found in the Bible.  High school students Luke, Mary, and Jason must prevail over the forces of darkness to fulfill God’s plan and defeat the fallen angels.  An exciting first installment in this series.

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Summary:  Luke Jacob was a typical teenager who enjoyed all the amenities of being the star quarterback on his high school football team and the local hero.  Living in the small town of Boulder City Nevada, life was predictable and comfortable.  With graduation soon approaching his life was on a carefully planned road.  Until he spots a mysterious and beautiful girl in the crowd at one of his games—Mary.  Their lives intertwine and a bond of inseparable love is forged.  Discovering a life changing secret that is revealed to them by their parents, it is then that everything Luke thought about his family, friends, and neighbors is shattered, unearthing a truth that is older than time and greater than anything he could ever imagine.

Author Bio:  I originally came from Floral Park, NY, where I fell in love with writing during a school contest in the eighth grade.  At fourteen, my family moved to California.  And with the huge change in my life, writing became a personal escape that was tucked away in a box.  After several years and encouragement from my daughters, I started sending in submissions.  A small publishing house in Wisconsin, Salt of the Earth Press, was the first to offer a contract for my children’s book, Winslow Willow the Woodland Fairy, and afterward, The Queen of It.  But I found my niche with YA fiction.  My YA novelette series, The Dusk Chronicles, is a trilogy that’s available individually as E-books and in paperback, featuring a compilation of the three books.  I am currently contracted with Solstice Publishing and my work includes the YA historical romance, The Garden of Two, the paranormal romance novella series, The Fulfillment, and the sci-fi adventure, Room 629.  I love writing and couldn’t imagine ever stopping.  There are too many characters floating around in my head. 😉

Book Details:
File Size:  934 KB
Print Length:  59 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage:  Unlimited
Publisher:  Solstice Shadows (November 26, 2014)
Publication Date:  November 26, 2014
Sold by:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language:  English

Fits of Tranquility (review)

Reviewed by Karen Jones

Fits of Tranquility is a collection of Christian, inspirational and romantic poetry from the American poet, Robert Lampros.  I always read collections with a vague feeling of unease as some collections I have read even though they were published by internationally recognised poets tend to be quite repetitive in terms of structure, style and content.   Therefore I was extremely relieved to find Fits of Tranquility contained a variety of poetry styles and structures which made this collection immediately more appealing to the poetry connoisseur.  Lampros’ poetry contains a sensitivity and emotional eloquence which flows gently through his work.  I particularly enjoyed ‘Binaries’ because of its beautiful imagery.

‘I looked up

at the sky one night,

maybe last September, and saw two

of every star.  They weren’t

spinning and dancing like binaries,

but only resting there,

one slightly

above the other, as if…’

There is something for most poetry readers hidden within the covers of this collection.  There are  several understated Christian/Inspirational based poems such as ‘Storms,’ ‘Building Character’ and ‘Peace’ which offer soothing thoughts and  could provide comfort for people undergoing personal struggles.  I particularly liked the thought,

‘Bruises become wings.’ from the poem ‘Invisible Arms.’

The romantics out there will enjoy the sensitive love poetry littered throughout this collection.

Fits of Tranquility is a superior collection of poetry and I recommend it to those readers who want to read beautiful, family safe poetry.

Fits of Tranquility can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.